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The Voice of the Martyrs

Posted 3/4/2023

Forgiveness seemed an impossibility for Pauline, especially around the anniversary of Rami’s death. But she eventually became exhausted by her anger and started praying a specific prayer. “I know that I am your daughter,” she prayed, “and I know that I need to forgive, but I can’t forgive. Help me; let me be able to forgive in a way that is real.” Pauline said she prayed that prayer regularly for a year.

 Five years after Rami’s death, Pauline and her children were invited to a conference focusing on forgiveness. At one point during the conference, a pastor asked everyone to close their eyes and imagine a person they needed to forgive. Pauline immediately imagined the man who had killed her husband. She knew God wanted her to forgive that man, whoever he was.  Read More