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The Pecking Order by Dr. Darryl O. Griffin

Posted 10/30/2022

Your so-called best friend is suddenly cold and distant towards you for no apparent reason. The relationship you are in is slowing drifting apart. You thought someone you knew would invest in you like you invested in them. What are you supposed to do? Plans A, B, and C might be to shut down emotionally, lash out, or dissolve the relationship. Consider plan D. Recognize where you are in the Pecking Order of the relationship. In this book you will discover:

*The Pecking Order *What is it and how to know where you are on the social relationship scale *The four stages in relationships *Relationship tools
Author Darryl O. Griffin will also deal with and explore the stubborn problems inside toxic relationships. He offers practical yet powerful biblical counseling from the scriptures that will enrich your personal relationships at home, at church, at work--anywhere people meet. You'll discover that the principle of genuine friendship is possible when you know where you are in the Pecking Order of the Relationship.