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Partnering Together

Partnership is about being a part of something that’s bigger than yourself. One can chase a thousand, two can chase 10,000.

Given our current COVID-19 crisis, the world needs to hear from partners like you that really does care.  They need to know that you are out here working to provide some assistance to them.  How better way to let them know than by partnering with us.  We will make sure they know by sharing your public information and resources on this website.

When you become a part of the Clergy500 International family where ever we go you go.  The world need need you!


Consider donating to our cause.


Where does your donation  go?

At Clergy500 International, we are committed to stewardship and transparency. Each year, more than 90% of what you give goes directly back out to spreading the Gospel and empowering other ministers to do the same.  We help promote their ministries, book publishing, new church locations, their programs and resources and so much more.  Helping us is helping you.

Please make donations at:  $clergy500


Become a Partner