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Carlton Barnett





Our Vision:

To see grass-root churches and ministries grow into thriving resources for the purpose of saving souls in all of our local communities across the nation.  

 Our Goal :

 Is to build a central location that provides useful resources and networking abilities for clergy across the globe.   

Our Mission:


Is to be your preferred source in helping you to achieve the mission for your organization.  To help empower you to spread the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ on every continent possible.  Helping you will contribute greatly in winning souls for the Kingdom of God.  And isn't that what it's all about, winning souls?



Is to encourage trust and healthy relations among the clergy communities.  Together we stand.  Divided we but FALL.

We believe that God has poured out his Spirit upon all flesh.  Men and women, the young and the old.  We need to hear what God is saying to His people and the world through every vessel that God chooses to use.  Not just the ones who appear to have a greater influence.

Clergy500 International have created a platform availability for all clergy of our faith to minister to God and His people.